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Who is the most powerful number 9 in football history?

When I was a child, adults often asked us: “Who is the best?” Almost every child will blurt out and be his father! No matter how good someone else’s father is, in the hearts of children, they can’t compare with their father! When human preferences are conquered by emotions, the status of idols is the only one that cannot be replaced .

The number 9 mentioned in the question should be the 9th position in the traditional sense! Football has entered the 21st century, and the technical and tactical play has changed dramatically. The definition of the No. 9 player is not the same. The traditional 9-position concept is more of the classic classical formation of 442. Among the formations, the first element of the No. 9 team member must have a strong individual combat capability, and the division of labor is quite clear. Compared with the fulcrum center in the popular 4231 and 433 formations, the modern football emphasizes the role of the winger and the attack latitude is more abundant!

When we talk about the most powerful number 9, no one can ignore a person ~ ~ Ronaldo. In that era, Ronaldo was synonymous with the 9th. It can be said that the streets are full of Brazilian No. 9 teenagers! But in my heart, only Batistuta from Florence is the most powerful number 9 in my mind.

The No. 9 center from the male hormones in the Pampas of Argentina, is as perfect as the ancient Roman sculpture! With his long flowing hair, wild character, full of violent aesthetics, he took the shots of the world, and swept the thousands of soldiers to conquer every boy who had a football dream! He strode down like a close, scoring a long hair, full of wild arrogance, a classic machine gun sweeping celebration, an obsessive desire to stop! This is what a man on the football field should look like. This is the best interpretation of football passion!

Three thousand weak water, only take a scoop. Football is different because of different things. You have something to think about, and I also have love. No one can stop the light of others, and the times will not stop anyone from shining. No matter how the football develops, in my mind, the most powerful No. 9 is always the Argentine god of war Batistuta.

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