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Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 – watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

Lippi’s Chinese men’s soccer team today (11th) in the second warm-up match at Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, with a goal of Yang Xu’s opening stage, the Tajik team won by 1-0. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, the game in the rain is still not convincing, the national football is only a small win. However, for the national football team, the ability to win this game is actually positive, and it is from the perspective of the top 40.

1. After the seed is saved, the national football mentality is relaxed.

Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 - watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

It should be said that the mentality of the Chinese team in this warm-up match is relatively easy, completely unlike the previous match against the Philippines. After winning the Philippine team in the last game and the Iraqi team lost to Tunisia at the same time, the Chinese men’s soccer team has already locked in the top eight in Asia in the FIFA rankings, which means that the national football team will definitely participate as a seed team later. Time for the World Cup qualifiers group draw. This obviously allows the international players to flatten their minds. From the overall arrangement, what is the purpose of the Chinese men’s football team’s two warm-up matches in June? It is “preservation”! Because of the need to “preserve”, the overall strength of the two opponents is not very strong .

Under this circumstance, at this stage, there is no need for us to “crack up” the performance of the national football team. Victory is the first! The national football team can seize an opportunity in this game and finally win 1-0, thus achieving two consecutive victories in the FIFA designated national team match day, which further stabilizes the Chinese men’s soccer team in the international foot. In the position of the United Rankings, let alone, in the calculation of FIFA’s ranking points, it is not important to enter the number of points. Winning is the most important. Therefore, through this training, our goals and tasks have been completed . This is the big picture!

Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 - watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

Of course, through this game, we can expose from the other perspective that there are too many problems in the current national football, the lack of attack, the low efficiency, and so on. Moreover, since the opponent’s strength itself is not very strong, we have not been subjected to a real test on the defensive end. and many more. In short, if you don’t look good, you can pick out a lot of problems and problems in the national football from this game, including the previous match against the Philippines. Moreover, these problems are not existing now, but they exist long ago. of. And for all these problems, I am afraid that there are only two words in the core: no one! Our talent cultivation has been severely disrupted . There are more problems and more problems. The national football team still has to move forward!

Therefore, instead of being pleasing to the eye, it is better to face it calmly and accept the reality that it wins! For the time being, I can’t take care of that much. Winning a ball, at least let the various accusations and criticisms at the moment be smaller, let the national football win some small space for development.

2, Lippi continues to try in tactics

Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 - watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

After defeating the Philippine team, the national football team determined the “preservation”, which also created the opportunity for the head coach Lippi to start experimenting. In this game, Lippi arranged for the national football team to adopt the “343 formation” from the beginning, and changed the 433 formation adopted in the previous game. In the second half, Lippi changed his mind and began to try the 442 formation. Through this tactical adjustment, one can see that Lippi’s own technical and tactical guiding ideology does not have much change. The purpose of this change is actually to hope that these players can better understand and understand now. His technical and tactical guiding ideology, and hope to be able to master, and then continue to adopt in future games .

In fact, when I talked about the return of Lippi, the author once mentioned that the difficulty of Lippi’s second coaching was somewhat higher than that of the first time. The reason is that in the past, the support of the national football team was the players of Evergrande. Lippi brought the players to the Evergrande Club for two and a half years. Through daily training and competitions, the skills and tactics and routines that the players are already familiar with can also be implemented and displayed in the competition. However, after this return, at least from today’s game against Tajik, it may be seen that Beijing Zhonghe Guoan team will become the team of the future national football team. After the injury of Yang Xu, the national football team has changed two players continuously. Zhang Yuning replaced Yang Xu and Li Ke for the No. 15 Wu Hao, which made the Guoan team have six players at the same time. This is a situation that has never been seen before. That is to say, in the 3412 formation, the four midfielders are the national security players Li Lei, Li Ke, Chi Zhongguo and Wang Gang, while the “2” is Zhang Zhezhe and Zhang Yuning.

Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 - watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

If Lippi had previously coached the Guoan team, these national security players were heard in the daily training, and Lippi’s tactics were naturally familiar to the chest. However, there is no such condition today, so it is only through such an international A-level competition. However, after almost 20 minutes of trial, the national football team began to change again and continue to try other new combinations.

Although no goals have been scored since then, this is the reality we have to face, the reality of the national football! In this attempt, we have no problem solvers, that is, people who can send the ball into the opponent’s goal. Moreover, since it is an attempt, we may have another situation, that is , when the next national football training is to start the top 40, some old players such as Yulin and Yu Hanchao may still be after the recovery. Return to the national team!

Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 - watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

However, one thing that is worthy of full recognition is that Yang Xu’s fulcrum center tactics were tried in the opening stage of this game . Yang Xu’s entire scoring process is the routine and result of this pivot center. At that time, after Yang Xu took the teammate’s oblique pass, the header was transferred to Wu Hao, Wu Hao promptly split the ball to Wang Gang, the latter immediately passed, Yang Xu completed the final shot in the middle! This tactic may be further implemented and adopted in the future.

In the past, we always advocated “no front tactics” and “fake center tactics”, but that is a development situation under the leadership of the control of football. But in the last two or three years, the real center tactics have become more and more important. Just like the national football team warmed up with the Tajik team, the Chinese U20 National Youth Team and the Palestinian U20 National Youth Team warmed up. In the game, Gao Zhongfeng Guo Tianyu also played an important role for the National Youth Team. In the Toulon Cup, China’s 97-year-old Olympic team was able to win the Bahrain team, and the high-center single Huanhuan also played a decisive role. In this sense, this center tactic has a role in the current Chinese football . Of course, how to better give these high centers a chance in the domestic league is also a question to consider.

3. Reference significance of the 40th round

Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 - watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

The national football team beat the Tajik team 1-0 today. Frankly, I believe most people will not be satisfied. However, from another perspective, when we have been wondering how to deal with strong teams, we must not forget that in the future 40, the Chinese men’s soccer team needs to compete with the second team, that is, When teams such as Uzbek, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Vietnam compete for the qualifying rights to enter the Top 12, we must not forget that there are similarly weak opponents like Tajik and Philippines in the same group. That is, most of the fans feel that they can’t be called opponents at all.

But now Chinese football is the reality: the on our own strength and technical and tactical falling instead of rising, or still maintain the original level, therefore, the future of the top 40 race, we can not have every game Flashing . Especially in the third and fourth grade teams.

Some things are far more important than 1 to 0 - watching the national football 1-0 win over Tajik

In this case, the significance of the warm-up match with the Tajik team, the Philippines team, etc., is that we need to win these opponents steadily in the next 40 games, so as to win the opportunity to win the line. ! Just like in the last 40 rounds, the reason why we went so far is that we lost twice in the Hong Kong team in China and lost 4 points in two games with our opponents! So, even though we are only 2-0 win over the Philippines and 1-0 win against Tajik, we have won at least these games that must be won. Only by winning these opponents that must be won can we seek the future.

For the current Chinese men’s soccer team, remember to be high and far away , you need to be down to earth! The Chinese men’s soccer team has long been a top Asian team .

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