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Terrorist Attack at Prominent Somalia Hotel Kills At Least 26, Injures More Than 50 – Newsweek

At least 26 people were killed and more than 50 others injured Friday after Shabaab militants stormed a hotel in the southeastern port city of Kismayo, Somalia.

Somali forces announced an end the hours-long siege on the Asasey Hotel on Saturday morning. According to the Associated Press, the attacks started with a detonated car bomb at the entrance gate and was quickly followed by heavily armed gunmen making their way through the hotel’s fortifications. After more than 14-hours of bloodshed, Somali troops shot down at least four assailants and captured another, Jubbaland’s ministry of telecommunications confirmed.

Those killed in the attacks include two Americans, at least one Canadian, three Tanzanians and at least one Briton. The condition and nationality of those injured was not immediately clear.

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