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Megan Rapinoe’s Antics Are Going to Turn Americans Off Women’s Soccer | Opinion – Newsweek

Someone needs to remind Megan Rapinoe that when you play for America’s team, you play for America. She seems to have forgotten that and, for this regular American, it’s getting embarrassing.

The U.S. women’s recent victory over the Netherlands in the finals of the World Cup is one among a series of accomplishments of which we should all be proud. Instead, the focus has been on Rapinoe, who has consistently and perhaps deliberately gone out of her way to distinguish herself from the other players on America’s remarkable national soccer team.

That’s not the way it should be. There’s no “I” in team—and it has been her off-screen antics, rather than her accomplishments on the field, that have made her stand out. That’s an insult to all the other members of the team, even if they have the grace not to say so.

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