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Elizabeth Warren Trends on Twitter After Announcing Intentions To Investigate Crimes Against Immigrants If Elected President – Newsweek

With just under 16 months until the 2020 presidential election, some Twitter users like the sound of President Elizabeth Warren so much that the Massachusetts senator became a trending topic on the social media platform.

Donald Trump may be willing to look the other way while criminal abuses toward immigrants pile up, but make no mistake: President Elizabeth Warren will not. #NN19

Over 30,000 tweeted using #PresidenElizabethWarren on Saturday night, prompted by comments the Democratic candidate made during an appearance at the Netroots Nation conference in Philadelphia earlier in the day.

Warren’s campaign tweeted out a short video of some of her comments where the 70-year-old referred to herself as President Elizabeth Warren, while comparing herself to President Donald Trump’s policies on immigration.

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