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Who Am I?

My name is Balmiya Osana. I am the holder and author of this website.

I was born in Missouri in 1990 and spend most of my life in Missouri. In 2013, I graduated from University of Missouri, from the department of Western Languages (German Language and Literature).

I tried to discover my interests for a long time and soon I realized that I like topics like space, earth, planets and almost all topics under science. I also felt a deep passion for Sports.

In future, I would like to work in one of internationally renowned online newspapers as a science or sport author.

You can contact me using my contact page.

About This Website:

ItzAGoal365 is a non-partisan website that is solely for football news all around the world. ItzAGoal365 website’s main focus is to give up to date news on football scores, football transfers. Pretty much everything football related, such as Latest Soccer News/Latest Football News in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 and also keeps you up to date with the latest transfer rumours, transfer gossip, and confirmed transfers.

Our writers were initially drawn from a small pool of friends and college classmates, but has the site grown so will the contributors, presently ItzAGoal365 has 5 writers they are: Jovani Turner, Jordash Miller, Franz Graham, Rasmeek Marshall and Peta Vonne all five of which contributes to the news update presented on our website. We promise to distribute accurate and on time news to our viewers.