Clear the stage for the latex lady at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”: “Of course latex is considered a fetish but I just like to wear it and feel comfortable in it”. As support Ricci has her boyfriend Tobi with her. He is very enthusiastic about Ricci’s latex outfits: “I find it incredibly sexy and it’s always interesting and exciting to be out with her in public and to watch the others looking at her”. The Polish pop star of course makes sure that Ricci’s outfit shines beautifully before her performance: “Some people clean their cars.

Tobi cleans me,” says Ricci. She’s most excited about Pietro: “I could imagine that he thinks it’s cool. Let’s see if I can get him around.”

Dieter: “Canned beer has more feeling”.
But the jury is not very enthusiastic: “This number needs a certain eroticism, femininity and subtle movements. What you showed there was very sporty. But I don’t think it matched the number.” And Pietro was not inspired by the blue latex miracle: “I can only agree and vocally there was no feeling in it.” But Dieter Bohlen is hard as nails: “Musically it was infantile. Canned beer has more feeling. Your voice is for the ass”. Xavier Naidoo at least thought the performance was better than the singing, but that’s not enough. Ricci doesn’t get any further.

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