No spill, government united, MPs say


* “There are some people who don’t support the current leader, and that’s quite obvious. The overwhelming majority of my party room are 100 per cent behind Malcolm Turnbull, as is the entire cabinet.” – Senior Liberal MP Christopher Pyne.

* “He’s our best hope to beat Bill Shorten at the election next year,” Mr Pyne backs Mr Turnbull.

* “Absolutely.” – Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, when asked if the government is united.

* “It’s not about personalities. It’s not about him, its not about me… It’s about policy and what we’ve got to get is a contest. The only way we can win the next election is to have a contest over policy not personalities” – Former prime minister and National Energy Guarantee opponent Tony Abbott.

* “As long as we get on and focus on the things we are doing for Australians … there is no reason why we cannot get on and win the next election” – Liberal frontbencher Simon Birmingham insists Malcolm Turnbull is “absolutely” safe.

* “The prime minister has my support – we’re looking forward to working through these issues we have with the National Energy Guarantee” – Liberal MP Craig Kelly.

* “The Turnbull government is 100 per cent focused on themselves and not doing anything on energy prices.” – Labor Leader Bill Shorten.

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