Canberra issues ‘never distract’ NSW govt

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has distanced herself from the internal rumblings of the Turnbull government, saying they aren’t her issues to resolve.

Ms Berejiklian last week privately told MPs the Liberal brand was being damaged by the federal government chaos and the NSW government needed to forge a separate identity, according to The Australian.

While she would not confirm the reports on Monday, the NSW Liberal leader said she always told her colleagues they needed to focus on their own jobs.

“As the leader of the state government, I focus my energy on things I need to get right and I’m really pleased with the progress we’re making,” she told reporters.

Asked about federal Liberal MPs’ concerns about energy prices versus their own power, the premier said they were “issues for them to resolve”.

“But as far as NSW is concerned, we’re the most resilient state, we have the strongest economy and we make sure we are sharing that with our citizens,” she said.

“We never get distracted. We’re focused on our job – delivering strong government to the people of NSW.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday said cabinet colleague Peter Dutton has given him his “absolute support” amid reports of a possible leadership challenge.

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